Roll up the "'please play again'

Tim Hortons and its roll up the rim campaign is a crock of shit. Let me explain...

So as many of you may know, I am a loyal Timmy's customer. Every day of the week, I religiously line up for my morning coffee. Of course, you'd think somebody like me would be winning some of these roll up the rim know, based on sheer volume alone. But this is the problem, I don't win. In previous years, I was an exclusive XL drinker, and didn't have that much luck winning. I heard during last years campaign that the XL was less likely to win, but the prizes were better. So I switched to L and relished in the fruits of my finger rollings.

This year is quite different.

I have spread my efforts over all coffee sizes, from big to small, but to no avail! It is now March 23 and I have had a Tim Horton's coffee M/L/XL every SINGLE day this month (sometimes two) and have not won a single thing. Are people actually winning anything? Or are those daily winning counts above the donut display all a ruse?

I better win something in the next 7 days or feisty comes out. I may do something go to Starbucks or something. Oh who am I kidding, I'm addicted =D


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  1. CHaN says:

    Good Lord! is back up! Sweet action.

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