Hanami! Japan day 5

Yoshino to Koyasan

We got up early at 6am because we bought a combo pass for the temple entry and watching the monks pray at 6:30. What a difference the temple area was compared to during yesterday's festivities. There was no one in sight along the streets or around the temple.

sneaky picture from inside the temple where no pics are allowed

We headed back to the ryokan for breakfast. This was outside of room in a sitting room downstairs. The breakfast was also fancy, but slightly less food than the feast the previous night. Very yummy! The ryokan stay was amazing.

Hanami Picnics!

We didn't have too much time, so we took a bus to the top area of Yoshino and then hiked around to see the blossoms up there. What a pretty place. As we headed on the path down the mountain there were lots of viewpoints, shrines and other historical landmarks along with tons of people having picnics under the trees. Yoshino was pretty awesomesauce.

I think these two got the best view spot

It was pretty cold when we were in the top area of the mountain. I sure wished we had packed a thermos of hot tea like a lot of the others up there! However, as soon as we descended to the next level, there was a vending machine which had hot green tea. Amazing! I could not believe it.

Hiking to the top area of Yoshino

We also had some hot mochi blobs on sticks lower down and bamboo tempura on sticks. Yum.

Next, we took the train to Koyasan. The train to Mount Koya was a sweet ride through countryside towns and mountain tunnels. Chris was lovin' it! At the end of the line, we took the cable car up to the small mountain town. We booked a room at one of the many temple lodging places in Koyasan.

cablecar to Koysan

Converted temple lodgings

Our room was awesome with a separate entry area and an enclosed outer area which overlooked one of the many pretty Japanese gardens. Man, was it cold though! Much colder than Yoshino! By the time we arrived it was almost dinner so we had a similar Japanese meal in our rooms as in Yoshino. This one wasn't as fancy and vegetarian, but still yummy. They also brought in all the food ahead of time on little trays and then left so it was a bit more relaxing.

Relaxed vegetarian dinner in our temple room


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