Amusement! Japan day 3

Kyoto to Nara

We woke up at our hotel in Kyoto and got some breakfast down the road at Inoda Coffee. The coffee was really good! 2 for 2 Kyoto!

Train to Nara

Then caught the train to Nara. In Nara we checked into our hotel then headed to the main attractions nearby.

On the way, we stopped for some lunch. I love how all the restaurants have plastic versions of their menu items outside so you can easily see what they have to offer. The food models are so detailed and make you hungry too. Seems like deserts and desert plates are a big thing here. You will often see a whole plate of desserts for a set price. So amazing. I am going to skip dinner and just have a plate of desserts sometime this trip.

Plastic food displays outside restaurants

We made it to the main tourist area where there was a large park and the massive Todaiji temple. Firstly, there were deer EVERYWHERE. Lots of stands selling deer crackers and lots of bold deer who would follow you around if they could smell the food on you. The Todaiji temple was HUGE and housed a really really big buddha.

Todaiji temple is kinda big


Sweet warrior guy inside the temple

Sweet hippie chick outside the temple

Past Todaiji there were some more cool old temple structures and we just chilled out in the sun and quiet.

Lots of deer in Nara

We wanted to check out Horiuji (?) where the oldest wooden structures were, but the cab driver told us it would be impossible to make it there. So we headed back to the hotel and stopped for smoothies first.


Then we went to a tapas izakaya place where you ordered with a scanner pen and everything was 294¥. We tried lots of yummy things and had some drinks. Before Gordo had to take the train to Osaka for the night we went to a building that just said Amusement on the outside. They had lots if blinky lights on the inside which turned out to be little arcade grabby games and photobooths. We headed into one of the photobooks to get some pics. We tried to follow the poses as best we could. Not only did it take photos, but also airbrushed and photoshopped your skin and face and especially eyes! Then you could go to the next station and add all sorts of stamps and text and draw. Amusement!


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