We've Arrived in Japan! Day 1

Hi From Japan!

I finally find myself with a few moments to sit down, relax, and type out an update. The view overlooking the sakura of Yoshino from the window out of our ryukan is a-mazing. We were up at 6am this morning to go watch the monks do their morning prayers. It was a nice change of pace because we were the only people on the streets. Compare that to yesterday where the streets were bursting with elderly Japanese retirees looking to take part in the Zaodo festival. The rain just moved into the area and for some reason this is just a touch more peaceful then the grey of Vancouver ;-)

Ok but let's start from the beginning.

Packing for the trip was essentially the same as any other work trip so I was done in 6.4 minutes exactly. Lianne however was getting all flustered, walking around in circles trying to stuff everything into a carry on bag. I decided early on we were going to pack light which seemed to have surprised lil Mrs. I came home to gluten free soy packets she had found at the grocery store. Oh bless her cuteness and caring heart! hahah we don't need to pack our own soy sauce though! Ah well, yadda yadda and we're off to the airport. 30 minutes late. on the sky train. "where are our passports" I ask?…Ok and we're off to the airport again. 45 minutes later ;-) Well we're in Japan now so all worked out ok!

The flight over was unremarkable as you'd expect. The only amazing thing were the in flight entertainment units. You could play MULTIPLAYER games against anybody on the flight. We decided to try some reversi, "Skip" hosted the game and I was able to join the lobby from my console. Talk about bdInflightLobbyService!

...eep time to go catch a train!...


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