Jungles of Costa Rica

What a journey we´ve had so far! (Exuse the typing, this is a Spanish keyboard).

After our relaxing 5 days in Tamarindo and an all inclusive resort, we took our little Suzuki Jimny 4x4 all the way down the Nacoya Peninsula to Tambor beach. We did some serious driving through the mountains, dropped it into 4wheel and ripped it around. Such a blast! Paved roads in Costa Rica are a rare treat and most little surf towns are not paved.

After arriving to Playa Tambor we got a bit lost trying to find the beach house we rented ... drove a few times around all over the place, the directions the lady gave us were pretty bad (go past the thinghy, and old sign, go to the beach, east of east blablabla). Finally found the spot and were greated by this old spanish dude who was quite jolly! Gave us the key to this 3 bedroom, 2 story beach front house all to ourselves :-)

We´d attach some pictures but the internet here is suuuper slow. So it was quite the jump from a resort to some little beach hut and skip was a bit freaked out by the bugs! HEH, adorable ;-) We picked up some food from a local grocery store, a nice bottle of Chilean vino and I made Lianne some dinner.

While enjoying our pasta we heard this clack sound upstairs...oh well, no big deal.Then 2 minutes later CRACK this ´´thing´´ fell down the stairs. It was a crab! HAH. After turning on all the lights and hunting each corner I killed as many bugs/crustachions as I could ;-)

The next day we headed further south to Montezuma - a sweeet little beach/surf/hippie town that has so far been our favourite spot of the trip. Had a quick little local lunch then drove a bit further to a hike. Hiked up a river for 30ish minutes and came across this HUGE waterfall with a swimming hole. I had to jump in (of course the hike had me sweating like mad with the 100% humidity and 35degree heat). COnvinced Lianne to take a dip as well :-)

Today we took off a bit early then to a ferry to cross the inlet. Drove from Tambor beach house to Monteverde and did a bit more 4x4íng. The place we´re staying at (Rustic Lodge) has quite possibly the nicest staff and cleanest rooms we´ve seen so far.

Well, that´s a brief little overview of what we´ve done so far. We´´re just about to head on a night hike in the jungle to see some touristy stuff.

-The Muellers


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