How are thing? Things are fine.

Not a whole lot new has happened recently. No, that's a lie. Tons of crap!

Let's start it off with last month sometime, white rice decided to blow up on me. Which I was expecting, but still wasn't too stoked about it. The worst part about it though, is I just got my new coilovers in. So the idea of going back and fixing my head gasket wasn't all to appealing. Then here comes " aby supra"! A fellow supra nerd from Vancouver had this old tired Tercel that he wasn't interested in anymore. So for fifty bucks, I picked that beast up and limped it home via traffic, highways and ferry. Keep in mind it was running on 3 cylinders, brakes were practically useless from rusted out rotors, and the rad fan didn't work. Add on top of that the fact that it was 30 degrees out with the heater blasting (need a rad fan some how!), and you get a good picture of how I felt during the drive back.

But! " aby" is a dream! (notice the space in aby, because it used to say baby :-P)

Eric rebuilt the top end of the motor (new/lapped valves), I put on new brakes, flushed out all the old crappy fluids and this thing is a champ. I'm into it for about trefitty, and now have a reliable winter commuter WITH fenders this year.

So that's all cool and exciting, I wish school was. This semester has totally killed my learning drive. All I want to do now is play WoW and read books ... random signals is killing me :-( I wrote a midterm last friday and got rocked, worst mark I've had since 3A! PLEH! Oh well, only 2 projects and 2 finals to go and I can be done with this crap.

Last but not least, I just got a bill from Fedex yesterday. <3 $140 in taxes/fees for shipments from the states. argh!


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  1. Jediluke says:

    Untamed Force baby!


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