Food poisoning...or something

Apparently all it takes is either an undercooked burger or a glass of toilet water to ruin an entire week. Yup, let's start from the beginning.

It's Sunday evening and after a hard day of twistin' wrenches it is time to hit the pub for some burgers and beer. Alex, Ryan and I are out in Sooke and decide to go to some rando pub. I wasn't too interested in beer at that moment as I was planning on driving home right afterwards. So a glass of water and a bbq mushroom burger was all I ordered. The burger was pretty sloppy and wasn't all that good, and the water was ... wet. Now fast forward to Monday morning at about 2am where I wake up from my sleep because of a BRUTAL stomach ache. I knew something bad was up and was thoroughly uninterested in spewing. Anybody who knows me knows that when Chris power vomits, blood vessels in my face/eyes burst!

Ok, so well it happened and I went to bed feeling somewhat better. The next morning I wake up to Sargent Grumbles in my stomach and he decides everybody MUST go out my posterior...

Repeat this for the whole week :-( So 5 days later and 11lbs lighter I'm just starting to feel better.

So if you're ever wondering how awesome E Coli is, just go up to Sooke and get yourself a sketch ball burger from the local greasy spoon.


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