Late Night Vandals

Well, I was up late on the computer playin some good ol video games when I heard this rrriiiiiip sound. Thought to I look out my window and don't see anything. Sit back down, then like 5 seconds later SMASH@!

I jump up real quick now, and see a whole bunch of shit in the middle of the road and two drunk punks reeling away. Naturally I run downstairs without my phone, keys or wallet and see the punks heading down the street. That's when I noticed that the crap in the middle of the road is actually the remains of my side view mirror. They had ripped it off and smashed it on the street!

By the time I got outside they had already walked half a block up the street, and even though I'm a big guy it's clearly smarter to phone the police. No sense in getting into a fight over a mirror, with two completely drunk goons, who are probably not in their most reasonable state of mind.

I call the police, hand over all my info and they show up about 5-10 minutes later. The whole time I'm standing outside I hear these two assholes breaking stuff on their way up the street.

Well, 3 police roamed my area, found them and took them into custody. So, that's awesome! Hopefully I'll get a call tomorrow and get this sorted out.



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  1. Travis says:

    So much e-cheekies... :-(

    Hopefully get it all sorted out.

    I probably would have re-logged on my rogue and ganked them...

  2. CHaN says:

  3. CHaN says:

    Shakes fist in anger!

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