What can you do with two sets of rear coilovers? Nothing!

Ahh yes, another trying day. I got up bright and early, skipped school and went to town installing my coilovers. All was going very smoothly, did the rears first because i wanted to flush/bleed the brake lines with new fluid. Got the entire rear interior out no probs, dropped the suspension and put the Cuscos in. Dropped the car down...man 2" drop! Definitely going to have to raise that by at least .5"...but that's cool, on to the front.

The front came off easier than the rears...no interior clips to deal with =) Pretty straight forward, and the upper control arm is a 1 bolt wonder. Everything was on their pretty damn good - 20 year old stock suspensions ftl!

So, my good friend had to go to work at this point which was AOK, I can handle re-assembly. This is where the fun started....

Trying to put the strut tower bolts through the 3 holes, I ran into problems...they didn't quite fit. No problem, nothing a dremel can't fix. Problem #2, the bolts are a different thread than the stockers...no problem I can use the TEMS cover bolts for the front. Then....

I lowered the car.

CRRAAAACK! Instant panic, wtf is wrong? why are my wheels bottomed out? What was that sound?! So it appears I have two sets of rear coilovers. Note to self, installing rears suspension up front does not work!

Now to hunt down some front suspension.


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